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Care Home Furniture

Dayex is a leading UK care home furniture manufacturer changing the market from weeks to days with its exceptionally fast turnaround of care home bedroom furniture, care home chairs and specialist fire retardant curtains. We have one goal, to provide the highest quality furniture and soft furnishings in the fastest possible time.

Based in beautiful Salisbury, Wiltshire and benefiting from 30 years of interiors experience, Dayex® has fast become a household name in the care Sector, known for it’s wide range of care home furniture, Signature care chairs, high quality product, excellent customer service and most importantly its fast and reliable delivery service.

Fast Delivery nationwide available in 5 days

Easy Everything can be ordered online, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Reliable We’re known for our high quality product, excellent customer service and our fast delivery service.

Latest News

Dementia Furniture – what should you think about?

Extending the period of independence for people living with dementia is possible once you know how furniture can be designed to allow for the different challenges the condition causes, says Steve Nixon, from leading care home dementia furniture design company, Dayex. Dementia Furniture As a leading supplier of furniture to the healthcare industry, we’ve seen a massive trend in requests for be
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Our care home lounge furniture was looking a bit drab and worn and so we turned to Dayex for some guidance and a quote for new pieces. The response we got was not only quick, efficient and professional but also Dayex's understanding of the care sector was on point! Due to space constrictions we were using over-the-bed tables as coffee tables for our residents which looked quite unattractive and un
The Cedars Care Home
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