About us, Dayex– Care Home Suppliers

Dayex® by Healthcare Plus

Dayex® is a family owned and run care home furniture supplier with its head office based in Salisbury Wiltshire. Following on from a history of 5 generations in furniture and furnishings, we’ve been operating in the healthcare sector since 2007.

Originally operating as Healthcare Plus Interiors, we’ve fast become a leader in the UK known for our high quality furniture, speed of delivery and most importantly, our exceptional customer service.

Today we’re changing the market from weeks to days with our delivery service available from 5 days. We provide bedroom, lounge, dining furniture and furnishings including made to measure curtains. We provide years of experience in creating functional and appropriate care home environments. Our experience allows us to assist you the best way we can

At Dayex® we offer an ever evolving catalogue of high quality furniture and furnishings with our most popular Signature ranges all available in 5 days and our new extended Plus ranges offered in 10 working days or less, allowing us to supply our customers with everything you need to refurbish both your bedrooms and your communal areas in industry leading turnaround times.

Our service is for those who are looking for a high quality product in a fast turnaround time. We offer the widest range of express products available in our Signature 5 day ranges.

What do Dayex® do?

We design and manufacture:

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Dining furniture
  • Lounge furniture
  • Soft furnishings

We keep a large stock holding of all of our products, ensuring we don’t disappoint on any order. All of our furniture is constructed to the very highest standards and meet all contract health, safety and fire standards.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the product they need, to the design they require, at a price that is acceptable and at the time they need it.

Our Vision

To revolutionise the supply experience of the market we operate in by providing solutions in the fastest turnaround time in a fast, easy & reliable fashion.

Our Values

  • Honesty – This comes first. We tell the truth to anybody we have to do with.

  • Rapid Response – Everything on time.

  • Customer First – How would I want to be treated?

  • Performance – Always with high efficiency.

  • Hard Working – Be part of the team, get ahead.