Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really get the furniture to me in 5 days?

Absolutely! Currently we have a large warehouse and logistics team located in the midlands, the ideal location to serve the entire country within 5 days. We also have ambitious plans to open a new warehouse in Scotland to serve the northern half of the country even quicker.

What is your bedroom furniture made from?

Apart from the realwood range, all of our bedroom furniture is made from moulded and PVC wrapped MDF. This is so that the edges can all be curved for health and safety reasons as well as ensuring it is durable and affordable.

Does all of your furniture have casters?

Not all of our bedroom furniture sets come with casters. Those that do come without however are provided with transit casters to easily manoeuvre into place and can be removed once in situ.

Does your furniture come fully assembled?

Other than over-bed tables and profiling beds, all of our furniture is supplied fully assembled. We do offer an additional service to install the profiling beds for you however. The delivery team will attach any handles where necessary for you too!

Will I need to have someone to move the furniture when it arrives?

No. Our delivery teams always consist of two people and they’re contracted to deliver your furniture to room of choice, unwrap the furniture and make it ready by attaching any handles. This makes the process as easy as possible for you.

Will you take away the old furniture?

Unfortunately this is not a service we can currently offer. We do however know this can be a problem for some care centres and as such we are currently looking into ways to help where we can.

Does your furniture come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our furniture, unless otherwise stated, comes with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. This covers your furniture for any manufacturing defects.

Are your fabrics fire retardant?

As a contract furniture supplier to the healthcare industry, we provide care home fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings that all comply with industry standards including BS5867 & BS5852 CRIB5.

Are your curtains machine washable?

Yes, all of our curtain, bedspread and cushion fabrics are machine washable.

Are your chairs waterproof? Easy to clean?

This is a question we get a lot. All of our chairs are made from either waterproof fabrics or faux leather vinyl. This makes them very easy to clean and protects the insides from any liquids. Often in the event of spillage on furniture, it is the first instinct to remove the fabrics from the cushions and stick them in the washing machine. This can however take the waterproofing out of the fabrics and does more harm than good. We find that the best way to clean the chairs is to dry up any liquids on the surface, spray with cold water or antibacterial solution and wipe with a micro-fibre cloth such as an e-cloth or similar. If using any cleaning solution it is vital to make sure you thoroughly rinse the fabric with cold, clean water. Solution left in the fabric will begin to attract dirt. This is both a quick and effective way to clean the chair, as well as preserving the chair for continued use.

Is your furniture dementia friendly?

All of the furniture you see on our site, or in our brochure, is care home specific. This means that the furniture has been designed for durability, ease of use, cleanliness and most importantly; comfort. All of our chairs are made from waterproof materials and sturdy hardwood hard wood frames. Within our range we have developed ranges that are specific to dementia patients. This includes furniture with a separate hanging space on wardrobes for “todays clothes”, cutaway handles on drawers so residents can see and recognise their function, and furniture with high contrasting colours to aid visibility. We’ve identified dementia friendly furniture with a yellow D symbol. Visit our dementia range section here.

I’m a domestic customer, can I buy from you?

Dayex is a supplier to care homes, hospices and other health/social locations. We can only deliver to care homes and not to residential addresses. We can take orders from domestic customers but only if the delivery address is for a registered care home.