Care Home Curtains Measuring Guide

When ordering care home curtains online with Dayex®, we require accurate measurements for our made-to-measure service to ensure the best finish to your room. Follow the simple guide below to provide the best results:
care home furniture measuring guide

Step A:

Measure your existing track or pole width. If no existing track, measure the length you require the track or pole to be.

Step B:

Measure your required drop from top of the pole or track, down to where you would like the curtains to finish.

Simple Guides

  • Normally allow at least 150mm (15cm/6”) for the track/pole width over and above the window reveal width each side, to allow for stack back. The larger the window, the more to allow.

  • Eyelet curtains: the standard upstand of fabric above the pole is 30mm (3cm/1 2/8”). Please take this in to account when measuring the drop.

  • Poles and tracks are supplied in set lengths, and will need to be cut to size using a hacksaw.

  • When ordering curtains with tiebacks, tieback wall hooks are only supplied if a track or pole is ordered. If you are not ordering a track or pole and require tieback wall hooks, please specify on order.