Care Home Curtains Regulations

British standards have strict regulations that all contract and commercial interiors are required to adhere with. As healthcare providers and care home operators, there is a high level of responsibility for health and safety and these strict fire regulations assist you in knowing that the environments you are creating offer the best possible level of protection, especially for those who reside in them that are the most vulnerable.

One of the most important features of contract and commercial interiors fire regulations revolves around the fabrics used in both upholstery and soft furnishings/drapery. Dayex® uses inherently fire retardant fabrics for all of its care home curtains and care home furniture to assist in you meeting this requirement..

Below is a very informative, if dated, video showing the different between fire resistant curtains and non fire resistant curtains. The video was created by Trevira CS, a manufacture of fire retardant base fabrics. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and understand the importance of fire resistant fabrics.

Fire Resistant Curtains and Soft Furnishings Regulations

Care Home Curtains

All curtains within a contract or non-domestic setting are subject to FR requirements.

BS5867 Part 2 Type B - Hotels, Public Buildings and Offices. This requires a pass using face ignition with a 15 second flame application. A fabric will fail if any of the flame reached any edge of a 23cm x 17cm test piece and should there be any flaming debris.

BS5867 Part 2 Type C - Hospital and Healthcare Environments, which also includes a requirement for minimum wash criteria.

This requires a pass using face and back ignition with 5, 15, 20 & 30 second flame application times. Any resultant after flaming must cease within 2.5 seconds .

Care Home Beds & Bedding

There are no domestic requirements for beds and bedding except for the fillings used. For contract there are two standards which must be considered:

BS7175 - Bedcovers
Does not provide any classifications for typical end uses but does use cigarette, match and crib ignition sources which may be employed to satisfy a level of safety based on the risk assessment.

BS7177 - Mattresses & Bed Bases

Tested against the following criteria:

Low Hazard - Ignition Source 0 (Cigarette) and 1 (Match)

Medium Hazard - Ignition Source 0, 1 and 5 (Crib 5)

High Hazard - Ignition Source 0, 1 and 7 (Crib 7)