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  • Care Home Chairs in Summer Colours

    Summer colours can see you through the whole year if you choose them right - some more subtle ones can be adapted for optimal cosiness during winter, and the brighter ones can keep spirits high until spring!

    Our picks for this season are as follows:

    1. Bold pinks and dusty pastels

    pink care home chairs

    Cranborne in Blossom or Lilac

    Leckford in Punch

    Dunbridge in Orchid or Rouge Tweed

    Grande in Rose

    Linwood in Magenta

    Tangley in Magenta

    Twyford in Claret/Orchid

    2. Ocean turquoise and sky blues

    blue care home chairs

    Cranborne in Ocean

    Leckford in Lagoon

    Coombe in Teal

    Tangley in Teal

    Twyford in Lagoon/Wedgewood or Jade/Teal

    Dunbridge in Turquoise Tweed


    3. Sunny yellows

    yellow care home chairs

    Coombe in Citrus

    Cranborne in Marigold

    Linwood in Marigold

    Leckford in Butterscotch

  • Care Home Chairs: Home Made

    Our care home chairs - did you know we make them here?

    That's right - we make and upholster all of our chairs here at our factory in Wiltshire.

    At Dayex, we focus on quality, speed, and ease - and we believe we can achieve this through our unique in house manufacturing process. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards, after all, who wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair?

    Everything we source is procured for the upmost quality - and where some companies offer a deluxe padding option for increased comfort, we offer this as standard.

    The wood we use for our frames is FSC sourced and each chair is glued, fastened and screwed for maximum durability. We know that an important aspect of the healthcare industry is long-lasting chairs, and each one we produce is always up to standard.

    All of our upholstery fabrics are inherently Crib5 fire retardant, and each piece intended for the seat is waterproof and anti-microbial. We supply a huge range in soft feel velvet to faux leather in an even wider variety of colours and patterns, and with a huge collection of upholstery options, you can be sure to find the one to suit your home.

    But why take our word for it? Come down and see for yourself.

  • Care Home Furniture for Every Room

    Here at Dayex, we're constantly thinking of ways to bring our 5 day delivery service to every corner of the care home. With the addition of reception desks to our website, we're expanding from bedrooms and living to staff areas and offices. After all, the reception is your chance to make a good first impression, so why not make it count?

    Our new Helix curved reception desks and Edge 90 degrees reception desk expand our range of care home furniture, allowing you the potential to fully refurbish your care home in 5 days.

    The Helix

    All units feature 25mm thick MFC and metal-to-metal fixings for sturdiness and longevity, as well as a sleek finish available in Oak, American Walnut and High Gloss White, all with metal trim. The glass panels are also made from hardened safety glass to ensure the upmost protection whilst keeping that sleek design.

    The Helix reception desk is easy to install with four modular pieces, available in flatpack for self-assembly or with our own installation service.

    Helix Care Home Reception Desk Features

    • Available in Oak, American Walnut, Crown Oak, and High Gloss White
    • Modular
    • Easy to install
    • Available flatpack or with our installation service
    • Glass is hardened safety glass
    • 25mm thick MFC
    • Metal-to-metal fixings

    The Edge

    The Edge corner reception desk comprises of 3 modular pieces, fitted to form a 90° bend. Constructed from sturdy 28mm MFC and finished with a metallic trim. The units are fitted together with metal to metal fixings for sturdiness and longevity. The curved corner unit includes a shelf created from toughened glass that adds a sleek and sophisticated element to this reception desk.

    Ideally used in receptions, this unit is flexible in size and shape to double up as a nurses station in a care home environment.

    The Edge corner reception desk is easy to install with 3 modular pieces, available in flatpack for self assembly or with our own installation service.

    Edge Care Home Corner Reception Desk Features

    • Solid 25mm thick MFC units.
    • Modular reception desk design
    • Easy to install
    • Toughened Safety Glass
    • Available flat pack or with our installation service

    Click here to browse our collection.

  • Vinyl Wallpapers - Eleni Range

    Continuing our series finding matches for our new range of wallpapers, here we take a look at the Eleni wallpaper range.

    1. Eleni Aegean Blue

      An impressionist style floral print in bright blue with magenta accents, with Cranborne High Back with Wings in Magenta and Linen and Cranborne Medium Back in Parchment, Bottle, or Garnet.

      Also With Fire Retardant Curtains in Karl Beige, Loxley Bray Chalk, and Accent Cerise. Eleni-Aegean-Blue

    2.  Eleni Grey Pearl

      In a neutral grey with accents of green/yellow, this floral print makes a great understated feature wall. Shown here with Cranborne High Back with Wings in Lime and Pewter, and Cranborne Medium Back in Moss, Sand, or Fudge

      Also With Fire Retardant Curtains in Pitch Ivory or Karl Citrus Eleni-Grey-Pearkl

    3.  Eleni Indian Yellow

      Eleni shown this time in a refreshing and optimistic yellow colourway, making it perfect for lively living areas. With Cranborne High Back with Wings in Linen and Cranborne Medium Back in Duck Egg and Parchment

      With Fire Retardant Curtains in Pitch Putty, Kettlewell Linen, or Loxley Bray Aqua Eleni-Indian-Yellow

  • Introducing Our Wallpapers

    Here at Dayex, we're constantly thinking of new ways for you to turn your care home around in 5 days. Introducing our new fire retardant, scrubbable wallpapers that come in a range of stylish designs, there's no need to stick to boring anymore!

    Below, we've selected the Simi Range of our new Vinyl Fire Retardant Wallpapers by Sanderson Contract, and matched them to some of our most popular care home chairs and made to measure fire retardant curtains, making your refurbishment that much easier.

    1. 1. Simi Opal

      A watercolour style floral print with splashes of magenta and a wide palette of blues, matched with Cranborne High Back in Ocean, Magenta, Chablis, and Linen, and Cranborne Medium Back in CreamBottle Also works with our fire retardant curtains in Karl Turquoise or Cerise, and Loxley Bray Dune. Fire retardant scrubbable vinyl wallpaper in Simi Grey Opal


    2.  2. Simi Aegean

      A watercolour style floral print vinyl with a wide palette of blues and greens. This colour works with the bright, jewel toned colour trend in 2018. Shown here with Cranbourne Medium Back in Ocean, Parchment, Marine, Sand, Toffee, or Buttermilk.

      Also works well with Fire Retardant Curtains in Elegance Cream Faux Silk, Accent Plain Teal, or Karl Saffron. Fire retardant vinyl wallpaper in Simi Aegean

    3. Simi Grey Pearl

    A watercolour style floral print, this time in calming shades of grey and green. Show here with Cranborne High Back Soft Feel Raspberry or Lime, and Cranborne Medium Back Faux Leather Vinyl in Toffee or Parchment. Also works well with Fire Retardant Curtains in Karl Olive, Elegance Faux Silk Beige, or Accent Apple.
    fire retardant vinyl care home wallpaper in Simi Grey Pearl
    Stay tuned for matches to more ranges of wallpaper!
  • 10 Ways to Make Your Home Brighter

    Ensuring your care home or residential environment has plenty of light is an important factor to consider. As we age, our eyesight tends to get poorer and we need more light to function. On top of that, access to natural light can help keep circadian rhythms in check, making sleeping and waking easier.

    Light window
    1. Tie Back Your Curtains

      This is a simple and cost effective way to bring light into any room. By simply tying back curtains each day, you can allow more unobstructed light into your home. On Dayex: Brass tieback hooks

    2. Make sure your windows are unobstructed - and clean them!

      Another simple thing you can do straight away. By cleaning your windows and clearing them of any obstructions, you might just make all the difference.

    3. Consider swapping out curtains seasonally

      Whilst it isn't a good idea to forgo blackout curtains in bedrooms as when we age we find it more difficult to sleep, you could consider swapping out curtains in communal areas for lighter shades during the summer. They can also be used to create sunny accents against a neutral room. On Dayex: Kettlewell Linen Fire Retardant Curtains

    4. Make sure outdoor spaces are accessible and open where available

      This is especially important in care homes. Having access to nature can greatly improve well being as well as providing ample sources for light and connecting the outside to the inside.

    5. Fill in gaps in natural light with highly hung light sources

      Highly hung light sources are easier to perceive as natural light. Furthermore, by providing even lighting you can rid your room of any dark corners. It's also vital for those with dementia to have even lighting in their environment, as they might see dark corners as holes or gaps.

    6. Consider recessed lighting

      Recessed ceiling lighting or recessed lighting in shelving units can provide a great way of increasing light, as well as making shelving or bookcases more accessible to the visually impaired.

    7. Bookshelves and partitions should be perpendicular to windows

      By having bookshelves and similar parallel to windows, they can block out light. Keeping them perpendicular can keep rooms open. On Dayex: Colbury Display Furniture

    8. Use matte paint

      Whilst glossy paint reflects light in different directions, matte paint provides a more even finish and reduces glare.

    9. Use mirrors and mirror art

      Mirrors can easily be used to reflect light when placed strategically. However, it's important to consider reducing glare in a care home, and if you're catering for a person with dementia, they might feel fearful at the sight of their reflection.

    10. Paint your ceilings pale

      Pale ceilings in white, off-white or pastel colours can provide the illusion of height and prevent a room from feeling oppressive.

  • Parkinson's Awareness Week

    Parkinson's Awareness Week Campaign

    Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological disorder and about 90% of the time begins showing symptoms in the 60s. Because of the nature of this disorder, many of those who suffer from Parkinson’s end up in care homes in the later stages of the disease and their life.

    Symptoms that can affect an individual’s ability to look after themselves, meaning they must go to care homes, include a tremor, loss of smell, trouble sleeping, trouble moving and dizziness/fainting. This can put an increasing pressure on care and nursing homes to cater for these conditions.

    Whilst regular exercise, support from family and friends, physiotherapy and some medication can help, the practical elements of a care home can also enable a more active and healthier lifestyle from someone suffering with Parkinson’s.

    Some points to consider:

    • Thick floor rugs are difficult to walk on. Thin carpets or wood floors are better.
    • Shuffling gait can lead to trips if the flooring is uneven
    • Homes should be fully adapted for wheelchair use.
    • Fabric or rope pulls on cupboards and door handles can be easier to use.
    • Making sure surfaces for leaving things on are between chest and waist level for easier access and less need for reaching.
    • Door knobs might be much harder to use than handles.
    • Adaptive handles are now available on things like cutlery and toothbrushes which enable more independence (image)
    • Buttons can be replaced with Velcro
    • Some with Parkinson’s might benefit from regular massages.
    • Items like rubber squeezy balls can encourage muscle use.
    • Avoiding over stimulation which can lead to distress.

    Whilst care homes are not as well designed for Parkinson’s as they are for Alzheimer’s, it’s not hard to improve the care home environment with these simple tips. Furthermore, staff training to enable an understanding of the disease can also be an easy and beneficial way to improve the quality of life for those in care with Parkinson’s.

  • How to add the premium touch to your care home bedrooms without spending a fortune!


    Over the past year, the team at Dayex have noticed a real trend in customers uplifting their care home bedrooms to encourage private or higher paying residents into their care homes. In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive combined with residents and their families' standards getting higher, creating great bedrooms can have a real impact on future success.

    Uplifting your care home bedrooms doesn't have to be an expensive exercise. Even small changes that often go missed can have a huge impact on the saleability of the bedroom.

    We've put together our top 5 tips for getting a premium bedroom look within a budget:

    1. Colour Colour plays a huge role with residents both in assisting in their mood. Pale colours can make areas seem larger and warmer colours make room seem cosier. We've seen a trend leaning toward pale warm colours like Dulux 30yy78/035 and darker more luxurious colours like Dulux 30B 21/056 (shown)

    2. Wallpaper Using wallpaper in care homes isn’t a new trend. However, the style and application of wallpaper can have a massive visual impact on uplifting a room, especially when used on the bed head wall. Using subtle stripes or textures on a prominent feature wall and combining it with paint colours that compliment it to add the wow factor.

    3. Curtains Size and shape are just as important as fabric choice for curtains. You can uplift the look and feel of a bedroom by adding full length curtains. The cost doesn’t have to be high. For example at Dayex we offer eyelet curtains 1.6m x 1.6m for £157 + Vat. Full length curtains 1.6m x 2.2m is only an additional £23 at £180 + Vat.

    4. Cushions and bed coverings Cushions and bed coverings can make any divan or profiling bed seem homely and inviting. Quilted bed throws are a great way to add a touch of luxury when combined with a patterned bed runner. Try to mix and match different shapes and sizes of cushions. Try using different colours/fabrics that tie any chair and the curtains together.

    5. Accessories It’s the small things that make all the difference. Adding a nice co-ordinating lampshade or a framed mirror can make all the difference in a room. Artwork in bedrooms can make a real impact also.

    6. EXTRA TIP - Furniture Furniture ties everything in the room together. Under-furnishing can make a bedroom seem sparce or empty and over furnishing can make a room feel cramped. Balance is key here. For example, if you have a large room then look at having a bedside table either side of the bed. Perhaps two chairs and a coffee table? Maybe cabinets made from premium materials like real oak. Our Alderbury range is made with oak veneer and instantly adds a premium feel to the room or the unique colouring on our Winscombe grey cream to add a more modern touch.

  • Dementia Furniture – what should you think about?

    Danebury Oak

    Extending the period of independence for people living with dementia is possible once you know how furniture can be designed to allow for the different challenges the condition causes, says Steve Nixon, from leading care home dementia furniture design company, Dayex.

    Dementia Furniture

    As a leading supplier of furniture to the healthcare industry, we’ve seen a massive trend in requests for bedroom furniture that meets the needs of resident’s living with the varying stages of dementia. One of the most important things to develop when designing a bedroom for a resident is an understanding that there is not a one size fits all approach but a series of gradual changes once the resident is in situ.

    Harmony Floral Teal

    We believe that a large element of the behaviour exhibited by residents with dementia is both an inability to conceive or define how certain things work and a reluctance to ask for help. With this in mind there are certain things you can do from the off that are designed to extend the period of independence for someone with dementia.
    A great example of this is surrounding curtaining for a room. Select a colour fabric that encourages positive mental connections, perhaps in an appropriate pattern style, and add a leading edge to the interior of the curtain in a block, complementing colour. This is thought to enhance the resident’s ability to see where one piece of fabric ends, and another begins. This also encourages them to interact with the curtains, opening and closing them as anyone would.

    Another method, specific to the bedroom furniture, is adding high contrasting handles to wardrobes, chests and bedsides, ideally so it stands out against the base material of the furniture, for example; wood styled furniture with metal contrasting handles. This will make it easier for them to see the handles, and then open the furniture and get the items they need.

    In some instances, dementia furniture styles that let you see inside the units, either by a viewing panel or scalloped handles can be useful. These items of furniture should ultimately contrast against the wall they’re placed against. This is because dementia can cause vision problems. For example; cream coloured furniture against a plain cream wall would not encourage their ability to see the furniture.

    Contrast is also a key word when referring to chairs and dementia. As the resident’s eyesight worsens it can become increasingly difficult to recognise shape. Adding contrast to chairs such as dual fabric colours or contrast piping to really define the shape of the chair will ultimately enhance their ability to recognise its function.

    It is our firm belief that the best solution for extending the period of independence for residents living with dementia in a bedroom environment is to create spaces that are light, highly visual, aesthetically pleasing and importantly catered to that particular resident. For more information, visit

  • Introducing the new Ultra Low Profiling Floor Bed

    Ultralow floor bed with mattress

    Dayex® are pleased to announce the release of the brand new Ultra Low Profiling floor bed into our range of 5day furniture and equipment. Designed to aid in the reduction and impact of bed falls the Ultra Low Profiling Floor Bed is constructed with its bed base just 67mm from the floor, greatly enhancing patient safety. In addition to this, the ultra low profiling floorbed has a top height of 640mm, enhancing patient handling for carers at all levels.

    The ultra low profiling floor bed delivers all of the comfort, reliability and safety associated with beds supplied by Dayex® and has been designed with easy cleaning and infection control in mind. As such the bed is designed with minimal accessible surfaces, namely two vinyl wrapped wooden head and foot boards that can easily be removed and replaced if necessary.

    Ultra Low Profiling Floor Bed Height Specifications

    The lowest bed in itsFloorbed flat class currently available, the Ultra Low Profiling Floor Bed is just 67mm high. With a low profile mattress giving a combined height of only 14.5 cm the ultra low floor bed can reduce the risk of injury if residents or patients roll or fall out of bed. Pair the ultra low profiling floorbed with the Dayex® folding crash mat for the ultimate in resident safety. The ultra low profiling floor bed offers the ability to raise to full height to attend to carers needs and for easy unloading/loading of bed. The Ultra Low floorbed has a total variable height of 67mm to 640mm.

    Other features inlcude:

    • Maximum Safe Working Load 185kg/29 stone
    • 4 way electric profiling,
    • No need for side rails,
    • vinyl Wrapped wooden head and foot boards
    • Low Floorbed with variable height 67mm-640mm,
    • Includes emergency battery backup,
    • Electric back rest and thigh rest with mechanical lower leg support,
    • Standard Mattress available offering total bed height of 14.5cm
  • Dining Chair With Wheels Gets Nod From CQC

    Dining Chair With WheelsThe CQC released a report on the 28th of January this year one of Dayex’s long term customers, Valley lodge. In this report a specific nod is given to the dining chairs with wheels that Dayex® has supplied the home as part of its on-going refurbishment program.

    The statement found in their findings from one of their questioning criteria stated:

    “There had been considerate adaptations to the fixtures and fittings of the home to enable people to be as independent as possible. For example, chairs in the dining room were fitted with small wheels on the front two legs. We observed this enabled some people to manoeuvre themselves towards the table to ensure they were in the most comfortable position to eat and then they manoeuvred themselves out of their chairs when they had finished. Some people did this without staff assistance and so this increased their independence”

    Dining Chair With Wheels

    The dining chair with wheels in question is called the Dana dining chair. The Dana chair is supplied with 2 small integral wheels in the front 2 legs specifically to aid independence and assist both the resident and carers alike by making manoeuvrability easier. This is particularly important during what can often be quite a stressful period.

    James Dible, Managing Director for Dayex Commented on the report, “We’ve supplied Valley Lodge for many years and have helped them refurbish the home over that time as part of a rolling schedule. It is truly excellent to see that innovations we've brought to the market have had such a positive impact on both the home and its residents and for it to be picked up as being positive in a CQC report is fantastic. We look forward to helping our customers with our new innovations and are excited to inevitably read more about them in the CQC reports.”

    Although the Dana dining chair with wheels are not currently offered as part of the Dayex® 5-day express service, they are available through Dayex® and will join the 5-day family in the future. For any enquiries please get in contact with Leila on 01722 341 552 or e mail at [email protected].

    To view the full report, please click here.

  • Dayex® Chosen for 17 bed Unit Refurb at Glenside Manor

    grosvenor oak-white

    Care home furniture specialist Dayex® have been selected to assist in the refurbishment of a 16 bed unit at their Salisbury location. Glenside, who provide specialist assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adults with acute and long term neurological conditions will be opening their new unit later this year.

    The refurbishment includes the provision of bedroom, lounge and dining furniture alongside made to measure fire retardant curtains.

    Rory Dible commented on the project; “We’ve worked with Glenside Manor many times over the years and it’s great to be able to assist them with this new project. We’re providing Glenside manor with all new bedroom furniture from our Grosvenor range which has turned out to be very popular so we’re doubly pleased.”

  • Dayex® work with Commercial Interior Design Firm, Hi Design, to create new Schemes for Redwood Healthcare Group.

    Platinum Room
    Dayex® have recently finished working with commercial interior design firm, Hi-Design, to create new room schemes for leading care home operator, Redwood Healthcare. Redwood Healthcare’s goal was to create 3 tiers of room scheme to reflect their budget range. This was achieved by working effectively and utilising the Dayex® stock offering to create three bedroom tiers; Silver, Gold & Platinum.

    By using furniture and fabrics found in the Dayex® 5day brochure, not only were Hi Design able to create Redwood Healthcare’s vision of creating welcoming and homely bedrooms but also enabled the ability to refurbish and re-let a bedroom in days instead of weeks, a feature that is hugely important to any care home operator.

    Dayex®’s wide stock offering allowed each tier to have its own furniture specification and finish to match the budget as well as a colour scheme to compliment it. Each of colour schemes were purposely kept modern and unisex allowing them to be applied to either tier of room quickly and effectively showcased the versatility and range that Dayex® can offer.

    Rory Dible, Sales Director for Dayex® commented “It’s been great working with Hi Design. Redwood healthcare have been a long standing customer and we’re thrilled to be able to help Hi Design create these schemes for them. It really emphasises that our range has a wide, flexible offering that when operated the right way, offers a fast, easy and reliable service that works for everyone.”

    Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5day delivery service on care home furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure fire retardant curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish their bedrooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This services helps them to maximise occupancy, minimise downtime and reduce revenue loss. To find out more visit or call 01722 341552.

  • New 2016 Fabric Ranges for Flame Retardant Curtains

    Flame Retardant Curtains Example Eyelet Curtains in Ambience Leaf Blue

    With the launch of our brand new brochure we at Dayex® are delighted to highlight the brand new fabrics that have entered our care home flame retardant curtains range. Each of the following fabrics are those that have appeared in our new brochure, issue 7. Our brand new fabrics offer a new dynamic to our flame retardant curtains range and offers a new modern styling to compliment our existing, more traditional ranges.

    New ranges of flame retardant curtains

    Ambience - The new ambience ranges offer a bold, blue, combination to our curtains range. Available in a heavy stripe or a contemporary leaf these two fabrics work incredibly well together and despite their bold appearance bring a real, calming balance to a room. We've paired this combination with our new Grosvenor furniture range in the oak white colour combination, shown here. For chairs it works incredibly well with chairs finished in calico or ivory, as well as the Grande chair in blue.

    Harmony - The new harmony range, like the ambience, offers a modern combination of stripes and floral patterns that again work incredibly well together. Available in teal it offers a subtle colour feature to any room. This light and airy colour combination is perfectly joined by the new accent aqua fabric to add further definition. We've shown this in here in the alderbury oak room collection. It also works pretty well with the new Tangley in teal.

    Symphony - A solo fabric in a range of its own, symphony lemon does exactly what it says on the tin. A symphony of floral designs working to make a light and open feeling room. Symphony lemon offers hints of charcoal and beige as well as glorious lemon making it the perfect fabric for those who want a bold, contemporary room. We paired the symphony lemon fabric with the new accent oatmeal fabric to offer a subtle balance. It works very well with the new linwood in onyx and compliments our oak furniture ranges really well.

    Accent - The accent range has been introduced to allow further definition to our current fabric ranges. Whether this is as a complementary fabric pairing a bedspread with curtains or to add a leading edge to curtains and a contrast piping to cushions, the accent range works perfectly. Currently available in Apple, Aqua, Oatmeal and mauve, examples of how we've used this fabric can be seen throughout the brochure.

    Manor - Another solo fabric, the manor range is our brand new premium fabric. This is an inherently fire retardant woven fabric that offers a real sense of elegance and decorum to any room. Complimented extremely well by the accent apple fabric as shown in the Grosvenor walnut set up, this fabric should be used for very premium rooms where impact is a must.

    2016 will also see a further increase in the range with the introduction of both our online flame retardant curtains ordering system and online exclusive fabrics. This will include a complete colour range joining the new Accent fabric range, offering our customers a much more versatile way to complete a complement their care home bedrooms.


    New Fabric Ranges For Flame Retardant Curtains



  • Quick Guide to Fire Retardant Curtains in Care Homes

    Guide to Fire retardant curtains

    Quick Guide to fire retardant curtains in care homes - text version

    Fire retardant standards are used in the United Kingdom to offer a high level of control in sectors that operate in the public sector and thus have a responsibility of care. Care homes of course are included in this. Flame retardant curtains and fabrics in care homes reduce the spread of fire throughout resident rooms and communal areas and in turn reduce the risk of injury. It is often easy to be confused with so many standards and it is hoped that care homes can use this as a quick guide to making the right choices!

    Know your fire retardant standards

    BS5867 - covers curtains, blinds and drapery. BS7175 Covers all bed coverings including bed throws etc. BS5852 Covers all upholstery fabrics including seat covers, mattresses etc.

    Types of Fire Retardant Curtains

    Inherently fire retardant curtains are curtains that have been created from fabrics that themselves are inherently fire retardant. This does not fade over time nor does it wash out in the washing machine.

    Treated fire retardant curtains are made from non-inherently fire retardant, often domestic curtains, that are coated or sprayed in fire retardant chemicals. These are only covered by BS5867 part 2 B for 10 washes and part 2 C for 50 washes. The fire retardancy does fade over time and does wash out in the machine.


    @ Dayex® we feel the best curtains are made from fabrics you know will continue to protect both yourselves and your care home residents regardless of how many times you wash them. All of our curtain ranges are made from inherently fire retardant materials meaning they will never degrade over time. This means that your care homes can be consistent with its standards both in fire safety and cleaning.

    As well as our wide range of fabrics and our exceptional customer service here are 6 more reasons to use Dayex® for your care home curtains:

    1 - Made to Measure 2 - All Inherently Fire Retardant 3 - Made in Britain 4 - Guaranteed 5 day delivery 5 - Free Samples available 6 - You can order online 24/7

    Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times.

  • How to look after soft feel care home chairs

    Soft feel care home chairs

    One of the most frequent queries we receive at Dayex® is how effective soft feel waterproof fabrics perform on care home chairs. There is often a misconception that because they're not wipe clean vinyl that they will be inappropriate in a care home but, with proper care, this really isn't the case.

    All fabrics used by Dayex® on our care home chair ranges whether they are soft feel or faux leather vinyl adhere to the strict contract standards that appear in the modern care home environment. All chairs for example are Crib 5 fire retardant and meet BS7176, BS5852 and Bs5852:2006 anti ignition. All of the fabrics are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and waterproof with a stain resistant finish. This means that regardless of the material, the care home chairs supplied by Dayex® will perform the right way for both your home environment and your residents.

    Maintaining any care home furniture in a care home environment can be tricky when there is so much going on, however, if you're able to follow the simple steps below your chairs will perform exceptionally well and for a long time.

    Looking after soft feel care home chairs

    • Vacuum and wipe clean refgularly with a damp microfibre cloth and tepid water to remove dust and prevent build up of soiling.
    • Remove spillages promptly with an absorbant dry cloth wherever possible.
    • If you're unable to get to the spillage or soiling fast enough and it's been allowed to accumulate, use water only first to remove as much as possible and then use a mild soap. If you're using soap please make sure it is removed well as if its left on it will attract more dirt and will deter the stain resistant coating on the fabrics.
    • Wipe off bodily fluids quickly with cold water and then clean as above.
    • If the soiling is extreme, use 5% hypochlorite (bleach) solution, Haz tabs or Chlorclean.
    • It's best NOT to machine wash, dry clean or apply other chemicals to the chairs as this will deteriorate the waterproof layer underneath the soft feel fabric.

    Ultimately your best friend for cleaning a soft feel care home chair is in actual fact a microfibre cloth and water. Sanitiser can then be used afterwards but try to avoid steam cleaning as this actually seals in oily residues from bodily fluids and over the time the chair will worsen.

  • New To Dayex: The Supreme Bariatric Bed

    Bariatric Bed

    Care home furniture supplier Dayex® have this week launched the new Supreme Bariatric Bed to its vastly popular 5 day care home furniture product range. Following the increased need of care home operators to provide suitable and safe furniture and bariatric equipment to those residents who display this particular need. The decision was made to extend our service further to our customers and provide a solution that we can guarantee both the comfort and safety of the resident as well as the safety of the care staff supporting them.

    The Supreme Bariatric Bed

    The supreme bariatric bed is the highest capacity profiling bed to be offered from the Dayex® reange. It is a 4 section profiling bed that has a safe working load of 381kg (60 Stone) and will therefore accommodate a large proportion of bariatric residents. The strengthened support and superbly powerful motors allow a variable height from 365mm low to 790mm high. Along with integral aluminium side rails this bariatric bed is the ultimate solution for both resident and staff. It is accompanied with an emergency battery backup as well as a lockable handset and a beech finish wooden head and foot boards. The bariatric bed is provided in two widths, a 1200mm width bed as well as a 1400mm width bed.

    The supreme bariatric bed is delivered boxed on an easy transit system for easy manoeuvring to its room location. For an additional cost, Dayex® will also assemble the bed for you in the room of choice. Details of the profiling bed installation service can be found here Dayex® have also introduced two new active mattresses to accompany the supreme bariatric bed. Details of the can be found on our bariatric equipment section. A double profiling mattress can also be supplied for the 1400mm bed for those instances where a bariatric mattress is not required.

    Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times.

  • The importance of fire retardant curtains and fabrics in a care home environment.

    Fire retardant curtains Care home bedroom with Fire retardant curtains and matching soft furnishings.

    One crucial element to the care home environment and one that is sometimes skated over is that of fire retardant curtains and fabrics in the care home environment. In October 2006 legislation changed and all non-domestic premises in England, wales & Scotland were required to comply with a new fire safety order. This applied to all fabrics and soft furnishings with in all contract environments including curtains, bedding, upholstery and beds used in any contract or non-domestic locations. The order replaced the previous fire legislation and any fire certificates issued under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 became invalid.

    Of particular importance to hospitals and healthcare environments were BS5867 Part 2 type C (curtains), BS7175 (for bed covers and bed throws), BS7177 for bed bases and mattresses and BS7176 Source (or CRIB) 5 for upholstery and headboards. Failure to meet these standards at any given point could lead to prosecution and large fines on conviction.

    Fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings

    There are several fabrics that can be sourced that meet these standards. Although more expensive than domestic fabrics, the necessity to obtain and maintain these fire retardant curtains and fabrics couldn’t be higher.

    Fire Retardant cushion Fire Retardant Cushion

    The most effective fire retardant base fabric are Inherently fire retardant polyester fabrics. Although not a natural product they are inherently fire retardant and have had no additional chemical treatments. They are permanently fire retardant, very strong and easy to care for and they are durable to washing at high temperatures which, for a healthcare environment where hygiene is so critical, is an ideal solution. This is an especially important feature for items that are at risk of being soiled such as bedspreads/throws & seat cushions.

    Most importantly, unlike fabrics that have been chemically treated post production in ways such as chemical fire retardant spray, the fire retardant features in these inherently FR fabrics is permanent meaning that with good care, fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings in the care home environment can last a considerable length of time and still meet these strict standards.

    Every fabric found in the Dayex® range is inherently fire retardant. We stock a wide range of fabrics and patterns allowing a flexible approach to care home bedroom refurbishment. All of our fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings are made-to-measure and bespoke and best of all are delivered in a guaranteed 5 working days. To view our range of fabrics click here.

    To ensure that your care home environment is complying to these national and international legislations, contact Dayex® today on 01722 341 552 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

    Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times.

  • Care Home Furniture Supplier Dayex Release Brand New Brochure

    Care Home Furniture Brochure

    Dayex® , a leading UK care home furniture supplier has released its brand new care home furniture brochure. Issue 7 contains information on how Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days. Traditionally, the average lead time of ordering and installing a complete care home bedroom is between 4-5 weeks. However, Dayex® outline how they’ve revolutionised this industry norm to deliver complete care home bedrooms in 5 working days. This revolutionary service enables care home operators of all sizes to immediately regain weekly charges that would have been lost due to long delivery times causing room downtime.

    The care home furniture brochure includes a wide range of:

    • Care home furniture package deals including a wardrobe, chest and lockable bedside • A wide range of waterproof chairs • Made to measure curtains and soft furnishings • Profiling and Divan beds and accessories • Care Home Dining Furniture • A wide range of dementia specific furniture

    Dayex® have their own delivery teams which offer a nationwide guaranteed 5 day delivery. Each delivery is performed by 2 well trained individuals who will not stop at the door. In fact, they'll deliver to the room of choice, unwrap the furniture, turn any handles and finally remove the packaging from site.

    Rory Dible, Dayex®’s Sales Director had this to say; “We’re very proud of our new brochure as we feel it better reflects our position in the market place. High quality care home furniture, quickly and easily. Like our website, our brochure is fully priced, a feature we know is important to our customers. Everything you’ll find in it is stocked and ready to be delivered.”

    To view the brochure online - click here . Or if you haven’t received a copy through the post, contact Leila Dible on 0800 840 3515 or e-mail [email protected] to request one.

    Dayex are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times. To find out more visit or call 01722 341552

  • How we bring care home furniture direct to your rooms

    Care Home Furniture Direct Delivery Service

    At Dayex® , we fully appreciate how incredibly busy the day to day running of a care home truly is. Looking after the requirements of multiple individuals, each with their own individual needs, is a very delicate juggling act. To help relieve the pressure on your staff, we have ensured that our service doesn’t stop at the door. In fact, we delivery care home furniture direct to you rooms!

    Our excellent delivery team, based in the midlands for fast easy access to the main road networks, are contracted to bring your care home furniture direct to your room of choice. Not only this, but our delivery team will unwrap your bedroom furniture, turn any handles if required and will remove the packaging from site. Each delivery team consists of 2 well trained individuals meaning that there is absolutely no requirement on your staff to be distracted whatsoever.

    Care Home Furniture Direct Delivery Service

    We’re very proud of the service we’re able to deliver at Dayex® . As well as high quality service and quick delivery times, we know from many of our customers how important the care home furniture direct delivery service is. Here is a recent testimonial from one of our customers about our service:

    “We’ve been buying from Dayex® since 2010. We chose them for their superb delivery times and the high quality of furniture. Each piece we order from them is on wheels making it very easy to maintain and clean and they’re very sturdy. The furniture is delivered quickly to the rooms and unpacked making the whole process very easy. Their customer service is great too, always happy to help where they can.”

    Rob Tofield, Hotels Manager, Leonard Cheshire – Athol House

    All orders over £650 excluding VAT have this fantastic delivery and installation service delivered included in the cost of their furniture and everything found in either the brochure or online is offered with a 5 day guaranteed delivery service.

    For more information about the excellent service we offer please view our delivery page or contact Leila on 01722 341552 or e-mail [email protected]

  • Coming soon; the Grande Care Home Chair

    Grande Care Home Chair In Room At dayex, a care home chair isn’t just about the fabrics it is made from. It is also about the chairs style, how comfortable it is, how it feels and most importantly what impression it leaves on both your residents, visitors and potential customers. With all of that in mind, we’re very pleased to introduce; The Grande.

    The Grande is a care home chair that instantly combines style, comfort and practicality. 2 inches wider than your average Queen Anne style care home chair, the Grande allows any who sit in it to find their own comfort “sweet spot”.

    Grande Care Home Chair Image 1

    Grande Care Home Chair materials

    It is constructed from a hardwood beech frame and upholstered in a brand new colour variant of our incredibly popular waterproof and fire retardant faux leather vinyl, calico. This particular faux leather vinyl is printed to resemble linen fabric, helping residents to feel more at home. Grande Care Home Chair image 2 The chair is finished 9 with cream buttons to its high back, and a high contrasting cream vinyl piping across the arms, the seat and the wings, aiding in recognition for the visually impaired. The Grande assists in making a bold statement about your care home and helps to create a very stately, yet homely environment.

    As with all of Dayex's wide range of care home furniture, the Grande is made from industry standard materials and is fire retardant to Crib 5.

    The Grande will be joining Dayex's large range of care home chairs and will be available on as an online exclusive from September 2015. Delivery of the Grande will be within our 5 day guaranteed delivery service.

    For more information or fabric samples, please contact Leila on 01722 341 552 or e-mail [email protected]

  • Dayex Guide to: Care Home Beds

    Care Home Beds

    Our service at Dayex is geared towards helping our customers get the most out of their most important asset, the bedrooms.

    For the elderly or the infirm, spending a lot of time in their bedrooms is not an uncommon thing. This means that the right care home bed is crucial for both comfort and their physical needs. To make this possible, it is important to choose the right kind of bed to deliver the best care, both to protect your resident and your staff.

    This guide aims to look at the different types of care home beds that Dayex provide and help to make an informed decision over the right bed for your room.

    Profiling Care Home Beds

    extra low profiling care home bedProfiling beds offer an excellent solution for comfort and support when asleep, during the day and at mealtimes. All of Dayex’s profiling beds are designed specifically with that in mind and are installed with an electrically operated backrest, height, tilt and knee breaks to suit the individual residents.

    The profiling beds are an excellent care home bed solution also when taking into consideration the staff handling of residents. They make the job of lifting/turning residents much easier with their ability to raise in height. Dayex supply profiling beds to suit all budgets including the:

    Essential Profiling BedStandard Profiling BedExtra Low Profiling BedSafeguard Profiling bed

    Dayex profiling beds are supplied either with or without a standard profiling mattress and are delivered in 5 working days and can be installed with our installation service.

    Divan Beds For Care Homes

    Divan Care Home BedDivan beds are designed with both safety and comfort in mind and are a cost effective solution for any room.

    Dayex divan beds are built with 6 legs for additional strength and support and all are provided in a waterproof fabric. The legs at the head of the bed are installed with casters to ensure ease of lifting and moving for cleaning purposes.

    Dayex currently offer 3 divan care home bed sets. A PVC model, a waterproof soft feel set and a deluxe waterproof soft feel set with memory foam. Although a higher price tag for the memory foam model, the comfort achieved for your residents is an extra level of commitment to them for their ongoing care.


    The perfect accompaniment to the divan care home beds would be a padded headboard. Currently Dayex offer a wide range of colours presented in a Queen Anne style.

    All fabrics and materials used in the care home beds are industry regulation meeting:

    • BS 5852 Part 2, Crib 5 Flame Retardancy • BS EN 15373:2007 Strength & Durability • BS EN 7176:2007 Resistance to Ignition • BS 5867-2 type B & C Fabric for curtains, drapes & blinds • BS 7177:2008 Resistance against ignition of mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed bases

    For more information about our care home beds, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01722 341 552 or e-mail [email protected] today.

  • Coming soon - Order Care Home Curtains Online

    Care Home Curtains

    At Dayex, we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our service providing furniture and curtains for your care home. Whether it be our industry leading delivery time or the fact that we room place all of our deliveries for you, our goal is to make your day to day working lives easier both for you, your staff and most importantly for your residents.

    With that in mind Dayex are excited to announce that a new development to our industry leading website,, will soon allow our customers real time quoting and ordering of made-to-measure care home curtains.

    Improvements to our care home curtains service

    The new development will see our current quoting system evolve and will help us to streamline our service to you. The new development will also see our current fabric offering for care home curtains increase, allowing greater choice with a wider variety of colour schemes. Our customers will be able to select the fabric which best suits their room scheme, enter the dimensions of the window, see a price in real time, and order direct from the website.

    All of our curtains for care homes are flame retardant to BS 5867-2 to comply with industry standards and are waterproof. Our made to measure solution is delivered in 5 days from order and assists in ensuring your care home looks its best all the time.

    As part of the development, we will also be updating our soft furnishing products including matching cushions and bed coverings.

    The care home curtain ordering system will go live in August 2015.

    For any information about how Dayex can help further, please call 01722 341552. For a full set of fabric samples, please e-mail [email protected] who will be more than happy to assist.

  • How much does a room refurbishment actually cost?

    At Dayex, we're not just about supplying great furniture quickly and easily. We're about helping our customers to perform better financially.
    We've spent some time looking at how delivery times of furniture affect care home operators and the cost associated with it. Some of the key findings are shown in the infographic below.

    Care Home Refurbishment Infographic
  • Dayex supports Excelcare Holdings group in awarding their staff.

    Parklands Quendon Hall Hotel

    Friday the 10th saw Dayex travel to Parklands in Quendon to attend the Excelcare Holdings annual awards ceremony as a sponsor for the evening. The event held a fantastic showcase of how dedicated the team at Excelcare Holdings are at every level. Awards were given to key members of staff from every region for notable contributions and effort.

    The event also held as on opportunity to raise money for 2 local charities, most important of which, was for Ruby Young. Ruby has stage 4 high neuroblastoma – an aggressive childhood cancer that needs to follow an expensive treatment path. Contributions from staff, suppliers and various other fundraising events saw Excelcare Holdings raise a massive £17,000 for this excellent cause.

    Steve Nixon who attended the event on behalf of dayex said “Face time is always important between suppliers and their customers and this was an excellent opportunity to see the staff at Excelcare holdings in a different light. The staff are very hardworking and deserved the praise they received. The most important thing I took away from the evening was the great sense of teamwork they all have. We’re really looking forward to helping this team perform even better by turning their furniture needs around in 5 days”

  • Leading Care Home Furniture Supplier Dayex Chosen for Casterbridge Manor Refit

    Casterbridge Manor

    Dayex, a UK leading supplier of specialist care home furniture and soft furnishings, has recently been awarded the contract to supply furniture and soft furnishings to the refurbishment of Casterbridge Care’s recent acquisition; Casterbridge Manor.

    Pebblestone Ltd the former Cerne Abbas Care Centre in the first quarter of 2015 will be extensively refurbished internally to increase accommodation from 57 to 61 residents and brand new furniture and soft furnishings without.

    Dayex have worked closely with the director of Casterbridge Manor, Mr Chetan Borkhatria, to provide a full interiors service including the selection of specialist care home furniture and a wide range of fire retardant fabrics and soft furnishings.

    Rory Dible who will be leading the project said “We’re very pleased to have been awarded this opportunity. We've worked with Mr Borkhatria on another project Deanwood lodge, so he knows of the good work we do and the quality products we provide. We’ve worked hard on the designs so it will be great to see the project come to life.”

    Casterbridge Manor is due to reopen in September 2015.

    Dayex are changing the market from weeks to days with their guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service, allowing care operators to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time whilst maximising occupancy, minimising downtime and reduce lost revenue. To find out more visit or call 01722 341552

  • Successful location move for Dayex delivery team

    Dayex Care  Home Furniture Warehouse

    Last month saw the move of our delivery team to their new location in Aldridge, just outside of Birmingham. Our new larger facility allows us to accommodate upcoming new releases into the Dayex furniture range as well as provides a good foundation for further innovations and stock increases.

    The new facility provides excellent access to the UK’s transport network, allowing us to continue to meet our promise of delivering care home furniture within 5 working days, nationwide.

    “We’re very pleased with the new facility for Dayex, it allows us to keep and maintain the furniture in a risk free environment meaning there are no problems on delivery which is really important to us here”- Jim Dible, Managing Director.

    Our delivery service doesn't stop at the door. Dayex's delivery teams will not only deliver in a guaranteed 5 working days, but will place all furniture into the room of choice, unwrap the furniture, turn any handles as required and remove any packaging from site. The team at Dayex know full well how important a quick and easy delivery is and work hard every day to ensure an excellent experience.

    For further information on our delivery service or our products, call the team on 01722 341 552

  • Interior Design For Dementia: Part 2 dementia interior design colours

    dementia interior design

    Continuing from Part 1, another very important factor to consider when consindering dementia interior design for a care home is the application of colour.

    Colour has an increasing number of uses in the care home environment from helping residents find their way independently by colour coding hallways and personalising bedroom doors through to the management and encouragement of positive moods and the feeling of safety.

    Colour for dementia interior design

    Dementia has such a varied spectrum of symptoms that the use of colour is not a one size fits all solution, however, the following have been shown to have some positive effects:

    Reds, golds and oranges: These colour ranges when used together are relaxing and good colours to use in living/day room environments. Red in particular has been shown to increase cognitive ability making it excellent for use in living/day rooms where socialising can occur. Red can also produce adrenaline and promote a healthy appetite.

    Green: This colour is often associated with nature and energy, a huge benefit to everyone. It is an exceptionally appropriate for bedrooms as it promotes a sense of balance whilst being calming and restful.

    Yellow: This colour represents sunshine and energy making it an ideal colour for kitchens and dining rooms. Similarly to red, yellow has been shown to increase residents appetite.

    Blue: This colour is a very calming colour and often promotes feelings of serenity and contemplation. Therefore it is a good choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and living/day rooms. When using blue, choose warmer shades to avoid making rooms feel too cold.

    Pale colours are excellent in making areas seem larger which play a huge part in making rooms seem less cluttered, an important factor as described in part 1.

    Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times.

  • Waterproof Chairs For Care Homes

    Waterproof Chairs For Care Homes Leckford waterproof chair in plum vinyl fabric.

    An essential aspect of any furniture with in the care home environment is that everything is easy to clean and maintain, none so more important than chairs, which especially in a communal area gets a lot of use from a variety of patients. Ensuring that these are clean at all times is critical.

    With that in mind a chair needs to be made of waterproof material, either waterproof fabric or faux leather/vinyl. These fabrics work hard to avoid fluids seeping into the chair itself and becoming unsanitary. All chairs supplied by Dayex are created using contract fabrics that are either waterproof material or vinyl/faux leather.

    Dayex provides waterproof chairs like the Leckford chair or the Dunbridge that both include a “fluid escape gap”. Chairs which, at the base of the seat has a downwards facing gap. This has been specifically designed to avoid fluids remaining on the chair until it’s noticed and allows the fluid to escape the chair and puddle underneath. This allows both the chair to be cleaned in a timely fashion as well as ensures that a resident is not sat unnoticed in any fluids for a length of time.

    How to clean waterproof chairs?

    One of the biggest questions we’re asked is how to clean the waterproof chairs. Often the first instinct is to remove the fabrics from the cushions and stick them in the washing machine. However, this can often take the waterproofing out of them. We find the best way to clean the chairs is to:

    1. Remove any excess fluid and dry the chair 2. Spray the fabric with cold water or antibacterial solution 3. Wipe and dry the chair again with a micro-fibre cloth.

    If using any cleaning solution it is vital to make sure you thoroughly rinse the fabric with cold, clean water. Any solution that is left of the chair will attract dirt and begin to stain the chair over time.

    To view Dayex's wide range of chairs, click here.

  • Care Home Furniture Supplier Dayex Awarded Leonard Cheshire Disability Preferred Supplier Contract.

    grosvenor oak-white

    Dayex, a leading care home furniture supplier in the UK has been awarded a preferred supplier contract for one of the UK’s leading charities, Leonard Cheshire Disability.

    Dayex were selected after a tender process that began late last year, to assist the group in turning around bedroom furniture and soft furnishings quicker. The process included the creation of several trial rooms, presenting furniture and schemes to the individual homes and evaluations taking place.

    As part of the 3 year contract, Dayex will be upholding their unique promise of turning around care home bedroom furniture and soft furnishings within 5 working days. Dayex’s offering to Leonard Cheshire includes full room sets, as well as individual items and made to measure curtains.

    James Dible, Managing Director for Dayex says: “We are utterly thrilled to have been awarded a preferred supplier contract for Leonard Cheshire Disability. It strengthens our resolve that our service of complete bedrooms in 5 working days is a great asset to any healthcare organisation regardless of their size, and that we can be of service anyone within the industry.”

    Tania Khan, Category manager for Leonard Cheshire Disability, who led the tendering process also commented; “We are delighted to have Dayex on board as a preferred supplier for furniture and furnishings. They responded very well to the tender process, and the trial room provided was very well received by residents and staff alike. We are very excited about Dayex’s 5 day turnaround promise, and look forward to this helping our site’s reduce room downtime”

    Dayex are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time, helping them to maximise occupancy, minimise downtime and reduce revenue loss. To find out more visit or call 01722 341552

  • Dementia Bedroom Design – Top 5 Tips

    Dayex have produced the below infographic to provide our top 5 tips to consider when considering care home furniture and designing bedrooms for residents with Dementia.

    Dementia Bedroom Furniture - Top 5 Tips
  • Interior design for dementia: Part 1

    One of the most important things to consider when designing the interiors for a care home is how suitable care home furniture and soft furnishings are for those suffering with dementia. Due to how broad the spectrum of dementia is, it becomes increasingly difficult to anticipate just how residents will react to those surroundings. The interior design for dementia series will look at how certain aspects of interior design can both affect those with dementia as well as some suggestions to take into consideration. Part 1 will be looking at furniture.

    Interior design for dementia

    When we get older, it is often the case that eyesight is one of the main senses to weaken. This can in turn make it particularly difficult for residents suffering with dementia to recognise the everyday pieces of furniture that we often take for granted. It is also common that, whilst not being able to recognise individual pieces of furniture such as chairs, residents with dementia can become overwhelmed and flustered by their surroundings, especially large dining areas and lounges.

    Care home furniture features that can help interior design for dementia

    A great way to assist with this is to provide furniture that creates definition and stimulates recognition. Whether it be high contrasting furniture such as the regency beech range, with light wood colours and bright, metal handles or the Danebury Oak collection, with handles that are cutaway, allowing the resident to see into the draw and recognise its use, both are apt ways to make a difference.

    Linwood Dual Fabric Chair Linwood Dual Fabric Chair
    Another way to help with this is to choose chairs that offer a colour contrast. The linwood chair for example is prepared in dual fabric, a dark vinyl back that is both comfortable and cleanable as well as a lighter soft feel fabric on the arms. This chair, placed in a light room, either on wood flooring or pale carpets makes it highly visible and assists with recognition.

    In interior design for dementia, it is recommended that large areas are kept "clutter free". For lounge, dining or day room areas, try to avoid the temptation to put too much into the one space and use bright contrasting colours again to help with that recognition. The ardenne dining chair for example uses a solid, light beech wood frame on skis, and is upholstered in a plum fabric both on the back and the seat.

    Dayex has been supplying care home furniture to the industry for the better part of a decade. Over the years we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge that we share when helping you choose interior design for dementia solutions for your care home environments.

  • Leading Care Home Furniture Provider Dayex Completes New Precious Homes Ltd Refurbishment in Cheltenham.

    Care Home Furniture Specialist Wentworth Court Reception Area

    Care Home Furnishing Specialist, Dayex, has recently completed work in supplying a full kit out of care home furniture and fire retardant soft furnishings to Precious Homes Ltd ‘s most recent refurbishment project in Cheltenham, Wentworth Court.

    The project included a full cycle service from concept and interior design to the development and delivery of unique specialist care home furniture and soft furnishings to all communal areas and 60 bedrooms.

    Mitesh Dhanak, Managing Director of Precious Homes Ltd, purchased the home in late 2014 and commenced plans to refurbish the building in its entirety, increasing its capacity from 50 residents to 60+. Dayex worked closely with Mr Dhanak and its independent consultant Isla Meek of IM Consulting LTD to develop an interior design structure that allowed for several grades of rooms, reflecting both standard and premium options.

    Rory Dible, Dayex’ Sales Director and project lead for Wentworth court said “It’s an absolute joy to have finished this project for Mr Dhanak. We’re incredibly proud of the results and know that feeling of accomplishment is reflected in our client. We provided a full service on this project, created electronic mood boards, developed new items of furniture, surveyed and measured the entire building. It’s really great to see a vision come to life.”

    Isla Meek of IM Consulting Ltd said “Rory worked with me as the project manager with great tolerance as we changed our minds over and over again but nothing was too much trouble. I am delighted with the finished effect and the quality of the furniture. At our recent open day visitors commented on the quality of both the curtains and the furniture and how it was not like anything they had seen in a Care Home"

    Dayex are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service, allowing homes to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time helping companies to maximise occupancy, minimise downtime and reduce lost revenue. To find our more visit or call 01722 341552

  • Care Home Furniture Supplier Dayex completes Southall Care Centre Refurbishment

    Dayex, a leading care home furniture supplier, has recently completed a refurbishment of Shire Healthcare’s new Pranam Care Centre in Southall, London.

    Dayex provided a full cycle service in the project ranging from working closely with the Directors of Shires Healthcare on an interior design, through to the development of specially designed care home furniture and subsequent delivery.

    Dayex supplied the care centre with all bedroom and communal area furniture along with made to measure fire retardant curtains in every room, matching soft furnishings and accessories.

    Sales Director and Project Lead Rory Dible says, “We are very pleased with the end result at Pranam Care Centre, particularly the specially designed Queen Anne chairs made with bright colours and contrasting fabrics on the arms as these are designed to help those with dementia recognise the furniture and its function”

    Shires Healthcare took advantage of Dayex’s 5 day delivery guarantee leading to meaning that once furniture was agreed and stocked, Shire Healthcare could plan the delivery on a room by room basis, making the project incredibly easy to manage.

  • Successful visit to sunny Brighton

    Dayex were fortunate enough to be invited by the Spectrum Consortium to exhibit at the 2015 Surrey and Sussex Care showcase. Over 400 social care employers and their staff made the journey to Brighton’s racecourse on Wednesday 18th of March.

    The event itself consisted of many seminars for employers and staff presented by a multitude of companies including the CQC all with the aim progression and improvement.

    Steve Nixon, Sales and Marketing for Dayex said, “It was a real pleasure to attend the event and meet so many people from such a variety of social care institutes. We were fortunate enough to meet many who are already long standing customers which provided us with some valuable face time with them. We also made many new contacts which we hope to be able to help soon.”

    Dayex presented several items of new furniture at the event, including 2 new ranges of bedroom furniture and a brand new lounge chair. Steve continued to say “All of our new ranges and products were very well received, especially our new lounge chair the 'Grande'. It’s a slightly wider Queen Anne style chair with a wonderful new blue fabric which, despite having a vinyl/faux leather finish has the appearance of a fabric. It will make a fantastic impression in any location and we were pleased the attendees agreed with us.”

    Dayex will be releasing several new ranges in the new 2015 brochure, with updated imagery of our entire range. For more information on any ranges to be released please get in touch with Steve on 01722 341552 or e-mail: [email protected]

  • Care home furniture provider Dayex helps Heathfield Care Homes expansion at new Canford Manor

    Care home furnishing specialist, Dayex, has played a key role at Heathfield Care Homes to provide care home furniture for 24 bedrooms, a lounge, and dining room at its newest care home, Canford Manor in Hampshire.

    Jane Palmer, Director at Heathfield Care Homes, explains: “We bought the 24-bed care home when it was desperately in need of refurbishment. As there were already 16 customers in residence , it was important to refurbish the home with as little disruption as possible.”

    Bespoke measurement

    Dayex visited the site to measure the whole house including bedrooms, lounge and dining room. Palmer continues, “After the Dayex team had taken measurements and familiarised themselves with the space, they sent through a plan with fabric and furnishing options for the care home furniture, so that all we had to do was select how each room was going to be designed.”

    Five day delivery

    Palmer continues, “Once we were ready to furnish each room, all I needed to do was phone the Dayex office and say that we needed rooms 12, 16 and 22 furnishing, for example, and everything was delivered five days later. We moved the residents around during the redecoration, so every room was updated and refreshed.

    “The Dayex team has made it very easy to refurbish the rooms, knowing that we had a week’s deadline to get each painted before the furniture arrived. Likewise, the quick turnaround meant that we didn’t have storage issues with a lot of units turning up before we could put them in situ. It’s been great as it’s really taken away a lot of the thinking for me, and Dayex has never missed a deadline.”

    Canford Manor strives to create comfortable and relaxing environments for its residents and has recently installed a faux fireplace in the living room, with cream and gold décor in the living room with Dayex fire retardant curtains.

    Quality products

    Palmer continues, “The fire retardant fabrics for the curtains and bed spreads are really gorgeous and such decent quality at a fantastic price. We have found that Dayex care home furniture products are of a very high quality and over a year since delivery, have not needed to be replaced due to wear and tear. All of the screws and fixtures are still working perfectly so there is no sag to the doors and the hanging rails still look new.”

    Canford Manor is embarking on an expansion project in spring 2015 to house 14 new bedrooms and lounge facility, which is set to be available for residents in December this year.

  • Memory boxes for dementia

    Memory Box For Dementia Memory Box For Dementia in Beech

    Why is a Memory Box good for Dementia patients?

    Memory boxes are good for a whole host of reasons. They act as a reminder for Dementia patients on the things they love, or fond memories, and can be a source of comfort.

    A memory box is essentially a box or container, designed to be visible, containing keepsakes of one description or another that are personal and memorable to the patient.

    Why are memory boxes a good thing to have for Dementia Sufferers? • Firstly they act as a reminder. A reminder of childhood for instance, or some major achievement in life or in career. • The items in a memory box can be touchy feely, and as such can be a good way to help the patient exercise touch and other senses. • Memory boxes can help stimulate conversation, being a focal point for conversation with Carers or visitors for instance.

    How to create a memory box?

    There are no hard and fast rules about creating a memory box, beyond ensuring that they are visible and that the items in the box are memorable. The actual box can be very basic, or elaborate, depending on the individual.

    Some pointers: • Avoid using sharp objects in the box • Try and use some items that have texture, that can be handled • Make sure that all items are memorable and likely to stimulate positive memories, photos, certificates, childhood objects, favourite possessions. • Consider possibly labelling the items, as they may not be instantly recognisable.

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  • Celebrating success after Scottish Care

    We have recently awarded a hamper to Flemington Care Homes after attending Scottish Care last month in Glasgow.

    The Scottish Care Annual Care Home Conference celebrates the largest group of health and social care sector specialists across Scotland, delivering residential and day care services, care at home and housing support.

    A spokesperson from Dayex comments: “We are pleased to attend Scottish Care to see what is happening in the industry and meet other professionals interested in caring for our communities.”

    After the show, Dayex awarded a hamper to Brian McNamara as a result of a business card draw, Manager at Flemington Care Homes. Dayex continues, “We hope that Mr McNamara has received the gift and congratulate him on winning the package.”

    Dayex provides a range of solutions for those in the care home industry, including dementia-friendly ranges which feature easy-access locked drawers to keep medicines safe, and open viewing wardrobes to promote independence.

  • Dayex supports Renewal North West

    Christian charity, Renewal North West has received a donation of furniture from care home furnishing specialist, Dayex®, after the firm moved its warehouses in Stockport.

    Renewal North West, which is also based in Stockport, was set up to help the long-term unemployed and homeless, and provides the opportunity for them to gain vital skills including refurbishing furniture and appliances.

    Wesley Downs, manager at Renewal North West, comments: “We help people break down the barriers which keep them from working, by creating work experience opportunities for those seeking employment. We also provide accommodation for homeless people, along with life skills training and development opportunities.

    “We are very appreciative of Dayex® for the way it supports its community. When business owners show they care in this way, everyone benefits.”

    One of the Dayex® directors explains: “Our day-to-day business is providing a range of specialist furniture and soft furnishings to the care home industry, and we operate in a world where we see support in action every day. It’s the least we can do to donate this furniture to Renewal North West.”

    About Dayex

    Dayex® provides a range of solutions for those in the care home industry, including dementia-friendly ranges which feature easy-access locked drawers to keep medicines safe, and open viewing wardrobes to promote independence.

    Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times.To find out more, call Leila at the Dayex head office on 01722 341 552 or e-mail [email protected]