Memory boxes for dementia

Memory Box For Dementia Memory Box For Dementia in Beech

Why is a Memory Box good for Dementia patients?

Memory boxes are good for a whole host of reasons. They act as a reminder for Dementia patients on the things they love, or fond memories, and can be a source of comfort.

A memory box is essentially a box or container, designed to be visible, containing keepsakes of one description or another that are personal and memorable to the patient.

Why are memory boxes a good thing to have for Dementia Sufferers? • Firstly they act as a reminder. A reminder of childhood for instance, or some major achievement in life or in career. • The items in a memory box can be touchy feely, and as such can be a good way to help the patient exercise touch and other senses. • Memory boxes can help stimulate conversation, being a focal point for conversation with Carers or visitors for instance.

How to create a memory box?

There are no hard and fast rules about creating a memory box, beyond ensuring that they are visible and that the items in the box are memorable. The actual box can be very basic, or elaborate, depending on the individual.

Some pointers: • Avoid using sharp objects in the box • Try and use some items that have texture, that can be handled • Make sure that all items are memorable and likely to stimulate positive memories, photos, certificates, childhood objects, favourite possessions. • Consider possibly labelling the items, as they may not be instantly recognisable.

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