Waterproof Chairs For Care Homes

Waterproof Chairs For Care Homes Leckford waterproof chair in plum vinyl fabric.

An essential aspect of any furniture with in the care home environment is that everything is easy to clean and maintain, none so more important than chairs, which especially in a communal area gets a lot of use from a variety of patients. Ensuring that these are clean at all times is critical.

With that in mind a chair needs to be made of waterproof material, either waterproof fabric or faux leather/vinyl. These fabrics work hard to avoid fluids seeping into the chair itself and becoming unsanitary. All chairs supplied by Dayex are created using contract fabrics that are either waterproof material or vinyl/faux leather.

Dayex provides waterproof chairs like the Leckford chair or the Dunbridge that both include a “fluid escape gap”. Chairs which, at the base of the seat has a downwards facing gap. This has been specifically designed to avoid fluids remaining on the chair until it’s noticed and allows the fluid to escape the chair and puddle underneath. This allows both the chair to be cleaned in a timely fashion as well as ensures that a resident is not sat unnoticed in any fluids for a length of time.

How to clean waterproof chairs?

One of the biggest questions we’re asked is how to clean the waterproof chairs. Often the first instinct is to remove the fabrics from the cushions and stick them in the washing machine. However, this can often take the waterproofing out of them. We find the best way to clean the chairs is to:

1. Remove any excess fluid and dry the chair 2. Spray the fabric with cold water or antibacterial solution 3. Wipe and dry the chair again with a micro-fibre cloth.

If using any cleaning solution it is vital to make sure you thoroughly rinse the fabric with cold, clean water. Any solution that is left of the chair will attract dirt and begin to stain the chair over time.

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