The importance of fire retardant curtains and fabrics in a care home environment.

Fire retardant curtains Care home bedroom with Fire retardant curtains and matching soft furnishings.

One crucial element to the care home environment and one that is sometimes skated over is that of fire retardant curtains and fabrics in the care home environment. In October 2006 legislation changed and all non-domestic premises in England, wales & Scotland were required to comply with a new fire safety order. This applied to all fabrics and soft furnishings with in all contract environments including curtains, bedding, upholstery and beds used in any contract or non-domestic locations. The order replaced the previous fire legislation and any fire certificates issued under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 became invalid.

Of particular importance to hospitals and healthcare environments were BS5867 Part 2 type C (curtains), BS7175 (for bed covers and bed throws), BS7177 for bed bases and mattresses and BS7176 Source (or CRIB) 5 for upholstery and headboards. Failure to meet these standards at any given point could lead to prosecution and large fines on conviction.

Fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings

There are several fabrics that can be sourced that meet these standards. Although more expensive than domestic fabrics, the necessity to obtain and maintain these fire retardant curtains and fabrics couldn’t be higher.

Fire Retardant cushion Fire Retardant Cushion

The most effective fire retardant base fabric are Inherently fire retardant polyester fabrics. Although not a natural product they are inherently fire retardant and have had no additional chemical treatments. They are permanently fire retardant, very strong and easy to care for and they are durable to washing at high temperatures which, for a healthcare environment where hygiene is so critical, is an ideal solution. This is an especially important feature for items that are at risk of being soiled such as bedspreads/throws & seat cushions.

Most importantly, unlike fabrics that have been chemically treated post production in ways such as chemical fire retardant spray, the fire retardant features in these inherently FR fabrics is permanent meaning that with good care, fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings in the care home environment can last a considerable length of time and still meet these strict standards.

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