How to look after soft feel care home chairs

Soft feel care home chairs

One of the most frequent queries we receive at Dayex® is how effective soft feel waterproof fabrics perform on care home chairs. There is often a misconception that because they're not wipe clean vinyl that they will be inappropriate in a care home but, with proper care, this really isn't the case.

All fabrics used by Dayex® on our care home chair ranges whether they are soft feel or faux leather vinyl adhere to the strict contract standards that appear in the modern care home environment. All chairs for example are Crib 5 fire retardant and meet BS7176, BS5852 and Bs5852:2006 anti ignition. All of the fabrics are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and waterproof with a stain resistant finish. This means that regardless of the material, the care home chairs supplied by Dayex® will perform the right way for both your home environment and your residents.

Maintaining any care home furniture in a care home environment can be tricky when there is so much going on, however, if you're able to follow the simple steps below your chairs will perform exceptionally well and for a long time.

Looking after soft feel care home chairs

  • Vacuum and wipe clean refgularly with a damp microfibre cloth and tepid water to remove dust and prevent build up of soiling.
  • Remove spillages promptly with an absorbant dry cloth wherever possible.
  • If you're unable to get to the spillage or soiling fast enough and it's been allowed to accumulate, use water only first to remove as much as possible and then use a mild soap. If you're using soap please make sure it is removed well as if its left on it will attract more dirt and will deter the stain resistant coating on the fabrics.
  • Wipe off bodily fluids quickly with cold water and then clean as above.
  • If the soiling is extreme, use 5% hypochlorite (bleach) solution, Haz tabs or Chlorclean.
  • It's best NOT to machine wash, dry clean or apply other chemicals to the chairs as this will deteriorate the waterproof layer underneath the soft feel fabric.

Ultimately your best friend for cleaning a soft feel care home chair is in actual fact a microfibre cloth and water. Sanitiser can then be used afterwards but try to avoid steam cleaning as this actually seals in oily residues from bodily fluids and over the time the chair will worsen.