Quick Guide to Fire Retardant Curtains in Care Homes

Guide to Fire retardant curtains

Quick Guide to fire retardant curtains in care homes - text version

Fire retardant standards are used in the United Kingdom to offer a high level of control in sectors that operate in the public sector and thus have a responsibility of care. Care homes of course are included in this. Flame retardant curtains and fabrics in care homes reduce the spread of fire throughout resident rooms and communal areas and in turn reduce the risk of injury. It is often easy to be confused with so many standards and it is hoped that care homes can use this as a quick guide to making the right choices!

Know your fire retardant standards

BS5867 - covers curtains, blinds and drapery. BS7175 Covers all bed coverings including bed throws etc. BS5852 Covers all upholstery fabrics including seat covers, mattresses etc.

Types of Fire Retardant Curtains

Inherently fire retardant curtains are curtains that have been created from fabrics that themselves are inherently fire retardant. This does not fade over time nor does it wash out in the washing machine.

Treated fire retardant curtains are made from non-inherently fire retardant, often domestic curtains, that are coated or sprayed in fire retardant chemicals. These are only covered by BS5867 part 2 B for 10 washes and part 2 C for 50 washes. The fire retardancy does fade over time and does wash out in the machine.


@ Dayex® we feel the best curtains are made from fabrics you know will continue to protect both yourselves and your care home residents regardless of how many times you wash them. All of our curtain ranges are made from inherently fire retardant materials meaning they will never degrade over time. This means that your care homes can be consistent with its standards both in fire safety and cleaning.

As well as our wide range of fabrics and our exceptional customer service here are 6 more reasons to use Dayex® for your care home curtains:

1 - Made to Measure 2 - All Inherently Fire Retardant 3 - Made in Britain 4 - Guaranteed 5 day delivery 5 - Free Samples available 6 - You can order online 24/7

Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a guaranteed nationwide 5 day delivery service on furniture and soft furnishings including made to measure curtains. This service allows both individual care homes and large healthcare groups to refurbish rooms in a much shorter turnaround time. This helps to maximise care home occupancy, minimise room downtime and reduce revenue lost caused by long delivery times.