Case Study - Tiered Room Schemes

Tiered Room Scheme Header

Redwood Healthcare is a privately owned care group of 14 homes based in the midlands. Their care homes specialize in residential care for the elderly and they strive to provide a homely and welcoming environment.

The Goal

Redwood Healthcare wanted to create tiered room schemes that reflected the budget of each room, essentially, a gold, silver and bronze package. This needed to have an equal amount of unisex colour schemes to allow flexibility and a semi-tailored package per resident. Redwood Healthcare needed to be able to offer these schemes to their potential client and speed up the onboarding process so that the resident could receive the help they needed quickly and that the room would begin to generate revenue faster than Redwood healthcare had been used to.

Dayex®’s tiered room schemes

Redwood Healthcare are a long standing customer of Dayex® and so were already aware of the excellent delivery times. Redwood healthcare had formed a connection with commercial interior designers Hi Design who were tasked to work with Dayex® to create these interior schemes.

Three schemes were created using only core stock offered by Dayex®. This allowed a guarantee that whichever room was ordered, it would be delivered in 5 days. Each room consisted of modern and bold colour schemes that accompanied its own furniture specification that reflected the budget for the room. Along with the supply of all soft furnishings including chair, bed covering and made to measure curtains, these included our basic, regular oak packages, our mid-range classic medium oak and our luxurious real wood range, the Alderbury.

Redwood Healthcare’s Head office was provided with these colour schemes and in an instance where a room needed to be refurbished, a simple ordering process of an e-mail was all that was required to get the ball rolling and the room would be delivered in 5 days.

Key attributes to this Care Home Refurbishment plan:

• Pre-defined room schemes to create consistent scheme across the group • Use of core stock and fabrics to ensure 5 day delivery and installation • Rolling program ensuring minimized downtime as and when required.