Dining Chair With Wheels Gets Nod From CQC

Dining Chair With WheelsThe CQC released a report on the 28th of January this year one of Dayex’s long term customers, Valley lodge. In this report a specific nod is given to the dining chairs with wheels that Dayex® has supplied the home as part of its on-going refurbishment program.

The statement found in their findings from one of their questioning criteria stated:

“There had been considerate adaptations to the fixtures and fittings of the home to enable people to be as independent as possible. For example, chairs in the dining room were fitted with small wheels on the front two legs. We observed this enabled some people to manoeuvre themselves towards the table to ensure they were in the most comfortable position to eat and then they manoeuvred themselves out of their chairs when they had finished. Some people did this without staff assistance and so this increased their independence”

Dining Chair With Wheels

The dining chair with wheels in question is called the Dana dining chair. The Dana chair is supplied with 2 small integral wheels in the front 2 legs specifically to aid independence and assist both the resident and carers alike by making manoeuvrability easier. This is particularly important during what can often be quite a stressful period.

James Dible, Managing Director for Dayex Commented on the report, “We’ve supplied Valley Lodge for many years and have helped them refurbish the home over that time as part of a rolling schedule. It is truly excellent to see that innovations we've brought to the market have had such a positive impact on both the home and its residents and for it to be picked up as being positive in a CQC report is fantastic. We look forward to helping our customers with our new innovations and are excited to inevitably read more about them in the CQC reports.”

Although the Dana dining chair with wheels are not currently offered as part of the Dayex® 5-day express service, they are available through Dayex® and will join the 5-day family in the future. For any enquiries please get in contact with Leila on 01722 341 552 or e mail at [email protected].

To view the full report, please click here.