Care Home Chairs in Summer Colours

Summer colours can see you through the whole year if you choose them right - some more subtle ones can be adapted for optimal cosiness during winter, and the brighter ones can keep spirits high until spring!

Our picks for this season are as follows:

  1. Bold pinks and dusty pastels

pink care home chairs

Cranborne in Blossom or Lilac

Leckford in Punch

Dunbridge in Orchid or Rouge Tweed

Grande in Rose

Linwood in Magenta

Tangley in Magenta

Twyford in Claret/Orchid

2. Ocean turquoise and sky blues

blue care home chairs

Cranborne in Ocean

Leckford in Lagoon

Coombe in Teal

Tangley in Teal

Twyford in Lagoon/Wedgewood or Jade/Teal

Dunbridge in Turquoise Tweed


3. Sunny yellows

yellow care home chairs

Coombe in Citrus

Cranborne in Marigold

Linwood in Marigold

Leckford in Butterscotch