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  • Case Study - Tiered Room Schemes

    Tiered Room Scheme Header

    Redwood Healthcare is a privately owned care group of 14 homes based in the midlands. Their care homes specialize in residential care for the elderly and they strive to provide a homely and welcoming environment.

    The Goal

    Redwood Healthcare wanted to create tiered room schemes that reflected the budget of each room, essentially, a gold, silver and bronze package. This needed to have an equal amount of unisex colour schemes to allow flexibility and a semi-tailored package per resident. Redwood Healthcare needed to be able to offer these schemes to their potential client and speed up the onboarding process so that the resident could receive the help they needed quickly and that the room would begin to generate revenue faster than Redwood healthcare had been used to.

    Dayex®’s tiered room schemes

    Redwood Healthcare are a long standing customer of Dayex® and so were already aware of the excellent delivery times. Redwood healthcare had formed a connection with commercial interior designers Hi Design who were tasked to work with Dayex® to create these interior schemes.

    Three schemes were created using only core stock offered by Dayex®. This allowed a guarantee that whichever room was ordered, it would be delivered in 5 days. Each room consisted of modern and bold colour schemes that accompanied its own furniture specification that reflected the budget for the room. Along with the supply of all soft furnishings including chair, bed covering and made to measure curtains, these included our basic, regular oak packages, our mid-range classic medium oak and our luxurious real wood range, the Alderbury.

    Redwood Healthcare’s Head office was provided with these colour schemes and in an instance where a room needed to be refurbished, a simple ordering process of an e-mail was all that was required to get the ball rolling and the room would be delivered in 5 days.

    Key attributes to this Care Home Refurbishment plan:

    • Pre-defined room schemes to create consistent scheme across the group • Use of core stock and fabrics to ensure 5 day delivery and installation • Rolling program ensuring minimized downtime as and when required.

  • Care Home Refurbishment Casterbridge manor


    Casterbridge manor is a new 61 bed specialist nursing, residential and dementia care home based in Cerne Abbas, Dorset. The former workhouse building on the edge of the village features two cinema rooms, a library, café and pub as well as conservatory and landscaped gardens.

    Dayex® Care Home Refurbishment Solution

    Dayex® were approached by Casterbridge Manor director, Chetan Borkhatria, having worked with Dayex® on several projects including Deanwood lodge. Dayex® were to provide a full cycle turn-key service including the development of several interior design solutions. These incorporated multiple colour schemes and a variety of themes.

    The care home refurbishment project allowed Dayex® to work very closely with Mr Borkhatria, to develop specific interior solutions, supplying multiple mood boards and having a very positive influence both on finishes and colours, something Mr Borkhatria has been very pleased with.

    The care home refurbishment included all communal areas including several day rooms, each offering a unique theme and colour scheme, 1 large dining room and cinema areas.

    Dayex® utilised it’s in-house delivery team to deliver and install the furniture on site, ensuring that pressure was relieved from the staff. All furniture was room placed and installed on time.

    Rory Dible who led the project said “We’re thrilled with the results of the Casterbridge Manor care home refurbishment. It has been excellent working once again with Mr Borkhatria as it is a relationship that has built up over several years. We’ve had a hand in the project from start to finish offering our interior design expertise at no extra cost. We thoroughly enjoy working on projects as it offers us a real chance to be creative and help shape the future of care home interiors.”

    Key Attributes To This Care Home Refurbishment Project:

    • Full cycle interior design solution.
    • Attention paid to end user needs
    • Creation of furniture outside of Dayex’s stock range.
    • Well organised delivery and installation service.

  • Case Study – Care Home Refurbishment

    Care Home Refurbishment - Wentworth Court

    Wentworth court is a new 62 bed, specialist nursing home in Cheltenham providing long term care, respite breaks and day care for people living with dementia. Previously known as Arle house, Wentworth Court is now operated by Precious Homes Ltd after an extensive care home refurbishment.

    Dayex Care Home Refurbishment Solution

    Dayex were approached to provide a full cycle turn-key service. Dayex worked closely with the key stake holders from Precious Homes Ltd and their external consultant, IM consulting, to develop a series of interior design solutions. These incorporated multiple colour schemes and a variety of themes. Dayex provided multiple electronic mood boards throughout the care home refurbishment project to enable greater communications and speedy decision making.

    Reception 2 Wentworth Court Reception Chairs

    The care home refurbishment project required several bedroom schemes to be designed. These needed to reflect both premium and standard levels of room. The bedroom furniture consisted of a combination of both stock and bespoke options and catered for the varying needs of the residents. These considerations included incorporating elements of dementia furniture best practice such as, high contrasting furniture materials, brightly coloured upholstery and dementia friendly fabric options for the soft furnishings.

    Communal areas included several day rooms each offering a unique theme, 2 large dining rooms with bespoke dining chair options and a cinema area.

    Dayex provided specialist care home dining chairs for the project. Constructed from solid beech, the chairs had small wheels integrated into the front legs. This is an especially important feature of the dining areas as they increased manoeuvrability for residents and care staff without detracting in style.

    Dayex also consulted on the small details that make a care home environment unique and provided specialist artwork throughout the home.

    Dayex were able to use their delivery team to deliver the project on time with a room placement and installation service.

    “Dayex were involved from day 1 and helped us to choose a range of fine furnishings for this lovely prestigious home. We have had excellent feedback from our new residents, their families and also visiting professionals about the colours, the practicality of the furnishings and the qualities. We will definitely be using them again and would recommend them wholeheartedly.” - IM Consulting.

    Key attributes to this care home refurbishment project

    • Full cycle interior design solution.
    • Electronic mood boards for greater communication and speedy decision making.
    • Attention paid to end user needs
    • Creation of furniture outside of Dayex’s stock range.
    • Well organised delivery and installation service.

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  • Case Study – Rolling Room Care Home Refurbishment

    Rolling Room Care Home Refurbishment

    Majesticare is a privately owned collection of 11 luxury care homes located across England. Their care homes specialise in residential, nursing and dementia care for the elderly. They strive to provide a luxury yet distinctly homely atmosphere with an emphasis on person-centred care.

    The Problem

    Majesticare originally began a group-wide rolling care home refurbishment program dealing with multiple suppliers. It became quickly apparent during the early stages that this was not the best route to complete the project. Majesticare homes began receiving inconsistent furniture both in style, colours and quality. Coupled with long delivery times which, as well as increased room downtime, held up the program for a considerable amount of time, made carrying on in this format a mammoth task.

    Dayex's Care Home Refurbishment Solution

    linwood desk chair Linwood Desk Chair in bespoke fabric

    Dayex approached Majesticare and formed an ongoing partnership. Dayex developed furniture room schemes specific to the Managing Director’s vision of a consistent luxury look and feel across the group. These bedrooms would be refurbished on a rolling basis.

    Multiple mood boards were created for the care home refurbishment project. These mood boards incorporated both bespoke items of furniture and fabrics as well as from the Dayex stock offering. This was an especially important feature to Majesticare as it allowed a fully bespoke package to be created. Once the furniture had been selected, Dayex began to virtually warehouse the furniture that isn’t included as part of the extensive stock range. This was then provided on an as and need basis when a room became available and was in need of updating.

    Each Majesticare care home was provided with a digital representation of the colour schemes and a list of pre specified furniture, allowing easy ordering at home level. Each time a room became available, an order was placed for the specific room number and colour scheme. 5 days later the room would be delivered and installed by the Dayex delivery team.

    Key Attributes to this Care Home Refurbishment Project:

    • Pre-defined room schemes to create a consistent image across the group. • 5 day delivery and installation • Virtual warehousing of non-stock items to ensure we keep our 5 day promise. • Rolling program ensuring minimised room downtime as and when required